Learn Spanish

In Puerto Vallarta, English is widely spoken, but it is fun to learn new languages if you do not know any. Locals will really appreciate it if you speak Spanish while you are there. It will help if you learn the language, even the basics.

Si – Yes
No – No
Hola – Hello
Adios – Goodbye
Gracias – Thank you
De Nada – You are welcome
Buenas Dias – Good Day
Buenas Noches – Good Night
Bano – Bathroom (very importaint)

There are many Spanish schools in Puerto Vallarta, but Solexico is the best language school to go to. Surrounded by lively city streets and charming colonial buildings, the campus is strategically located near restaurants, stores, cafes, and nightspots.

The building reflects the characteristic architecture of the city. And, like its other campuses in Oaxaca and Playa del Carmen, it has a huge café in an open terrace used for fiestas and salsa classes. It is also the meeting point for Solexico students during the breaks and after classes.