Puerto Vallarta is generally a friendly and safe city. But like other large cities, pickpocket, muggings, and unprovoked attacks occur. Before you go to this beautiful Mexican city, you need to know some basic Puerto Vallarta safety and emergency procedures.

Caution is always necessary when going to a foreign place. In Puerto Vallarta, security people are dispatched in beaches and hotels to shy away undesirable characters in the area. Like many tourist destinations, Puerto Vallarta has a local tourist police who looks out for the safety of visitors. The police and locals value their visitors that is why they make utmost effort to take care of security concerns while in the area. Puerto Vallarta is relatively safe like any other tourist spot.


Visitors must always be aware of where they keep their wallets. It is preferable to put your wallet in an inner front pocket or in a money belt while purses must be carried securely under the arm. It is better to stay on main streets when walking around town. Valuables must be left in safe places. Some hotels provide lockers for your valuables that you can do without when going out.

Wearing expensive jewelry is not advisable. If you need to bring cash or credit cards when you go out, carry only the amount you’d expect to spend and avoid bringing too much. Withdrawals through ATMs must only be done when absolutely necessary. Use these machines located on the premises of large banks as they usually have security personnel.

Beach activities

To avoid being victims of theft, leave your valuables (cameras, purses, passport) in a safe in your hotel room. Always observe warning flags on public beaches for strong undertow. Some parts of the water along beaches might have unsafe surfaces like rocks so be careful on these parts. If possible, don’t dive into it if you’re unsure of your safety.

Emergency Numbers

Here are some of the useful numbers you must take note of while in Puerto Vallarta:

  • Emergency, Police/Fire: 060
  • Fire Dept: 223-9476, 223-9478
  • Police Dept: 290-0507, 290-0512
  • Red Cross & Ambulance: 222-1533
  • Motor Vehicle Dept: 224-8484
  • Consumer Protection (Profeco): 225-0000
  • Immigration Ofice: 221-1380
  • American Consulate: 222-0069, 223-0074 – After hours: 01-333-268-2145

Hospitals :

  • Ameri-Med: 226-2080
  • CMG: 223-1919
  • Cornerstone: 224-9400
  • I.M.S.S.: 224-3838
  • Medasist: 223-0444
  • Regional: 224-4000
  • San Javier: 226-1010