Puerto Vallarta is more than a romantic place, it is also a wonderful holiday destination for the family, especially during summer break. You can hang out all day playing by the pool or beach or head downtown and enjoy the cool activities that the city has to offer. For one, there are many kinds of excursions and tours for the family at discounted rates. Whether you are out on the shimmering blue sea or deep in the lush tropical jungle, you will definitely have an experience of a lifetime.

Many children love dolphins and spending a vacation in Puerto Vallarta is a perfect time to see them. Spend a day at Vallarta Adventure where you can interact with dolphins, learn about their habits and behavior, and you can even kiss them. Your kids will love you for it. Another great day out is at one of the city’s water parks. You will not have to go far just to enjoy all the thrills if you are staying at the Mayan Palace Nuevo Vallarta. If you want to relax after a day’s activities, you can lie beside a pool in a sunny day and take a sip of pina colada. This certainly sounds like paradise.

Sumer is also a great time to enjoy shopping and culture in Puerto Vallarta. Take a city tour where you will cruise down the sea-side promenade to the market full of vendors selling Mexican handicrafts, big sombreros, and funny t-shirts. You can also see how the Huichol Indians make beautiful beadwork. The highlight of the city tour is a trip around Gringo Gulch. Here, you will see the residences of many famous Hollywood stars who lived in the area, including Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor.