When to visit Puerto Vallarta ?

Tourists will surely love to visit Puerto Vallarta’s sunny weather all year-round. You can make this a winter escape and a summer vacation place, with temperatures ranging room 70 to 90.

Peak season is from November until April with temperatures ranging from 75 to 85 degrees. It’s more humid on may through October with stifling 95% humidity. Temperature on typical days range from 80 to 90. Shopping is an advantage during this period of heat and rain because of low prices and smaller crowds. July and August ae exceptions since many Mexicans take holidays throughout the country on these months.

Vacationers can enjoy nightime sleeping with the cool air that storms and rains bring during the rainy season which begins in June and ends in early October. Afternoon showers and infrequent thunderstorms are expected during the season.

Enjoying the local and regional culture of Puerto Vallarta is at its height during a festival . There are festivals and events all year round so make the most of the experience if you happen to see any of these.

Prices vary heavily from season to season in Puerto Vallarta. During the peak season, prices can go as high as 30% to 50% more than the off season. Booking an accomodation in advance will save you the trouble during peak season as many hotels and villas fill to capacity early.