Top Attractions

This beautiful resort city was once the World’s Friendliest City. Puerto Vallarta became during the filming of The Night of the Iguana in 1963. Also, the press coverage of the extramarital love affair between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton put the city on the world map. But this heavenly part of Mexico offers more than just resorts.

Malecon and the Vallarta Arches

The Vallarta Arches is one of more famous Puerto Vallarta icons. It is located in front of the Los Arcos Amphitheater, which holds free performances every night. You can find the amphitheater in the downtown plaza at the end of the Malecon boardwalk. Malecon is a nice place to shop souvenirs from the artisans and local street vendors. Al fresco cafes and trendy boutiques line the boardwalk. It is a great place to feel some romance while appreciating the beautiful Puerto Vallarta sunset.

Lady of Guadalupe Cathedral

The Lady of Guadalupe Cathedral is a must-see when you visit the Malecon area. This cathedral is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. The construction started in the early 1900s but because of many obstacles, it was not finished until the 1960s. This fine example of neoclassic structure is a reminiscent of the temples found in Austria.


Watch bullfights when you are in Puerto Vallarta. The popular Latin bullfights are widely known in Spanish as “Corrida de Toros”. Every Wednesday in the city you can see professional matadors engage in authentic bullfights. Head to the Paloma Bullring located near the Maritime Terminal. Be very prepared, matadors kill the bull.

Puerto Vallarta beaches

The place has many beaches to choose from. You can go downtown to Playa Olas Atlas and Playa los Muertos. Playa Olas Atlas is located on the southern part of the Río Cuale. Known for its vibrant nightlife, it is more popular with party goers and singles. It has many bars facing the beach.

Despite its dark name, Playa los Muertos is a very fun beach. Enjoy the sun and water here for an exciting afternoon. Restaurants and shops line the boardwalk. Hair braiding and massage, among other things, are also offered here.

Banderas Bay

The city is set on Banderas Bay, which offers many watersport attractions. Many intrepid fishermen come there to hook big game such as yellowfin, amberjack, and trophy-size black marlin. Its tall waves also draw in surfers. The Vallarta waters – with their crystalline visibility, large marine life, and black coral formations – are also popular among scuba divers.

Whales also flock to the waters of Puerto Vallarta during the winter season. They play in Banderas Bay from December to March. Tourists can see humpbacks from the beach. You can also spot whales on a whale-watching expedition.

Tequila tasting

Puerto Vallarta is the perfect place to booze and have fun. The city offers extensive tequila menus that invite every visitor to experiment. There are many tequila shops that offer free tastes.