When you visit Puerto Vallarta, please do not try to impose your standards on their culture. Remember, their history is older than other parts of North America, so respect their traditional culture and customs. Here are some Puerto Vallarta customs that you should know before traveling to the city:


Siesta in the city is from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. You will find some business establishments (not restaurants and bars) closed during these hours. Many businesses , however, stay open after siesta until 8:00 pm or 9:00 pm.

Sunday evening

Families and groups of boys and girls promenade up and down the Malecon after sundown every Sunday. Dressed in their best, The groups of boys and girls check out at each other as they pass. Sunday evening is also a nice time for families to meet friends, chat, sit, and watch other people walk by.


People of Puerto Vallarta tend to wear more formal dress in social and business settings than their American counterparts. Sandals and shorts usually attract raised eyebrows in restaurants. Suits are the norm in the workplace, even on Fridays.


Haggling is very common in Puerto Vallarta open-air markets. To haggle, you should offer half of the original selling price and then bargain up from there. However, you cannot use at formal establishments.


Tipping is one of the Puerto Vallarta customs you need to observe. Waiters in the city expect tips between 10% and 15%, while hotel bellhops expect a $2 tip. While taxi drivers do not expect tips, it is customary that you round up the bill.