For many years, Puerto Vallarta shopping was concentrated in eclectic, independent, small shops. This has changed in recent years, however. Today, shoppers can splurge in large and modern shopping centers located between the hotel zone and Marina areas.

There are several major “plazas” in the city. Located in Versalles, the Plaza Caracol and Plaza Caracol have many small boutiques and shops, along with some restaurants, banks, fast foods, and ice cream outlets. The Marina Plaza is located in the Marina complex. It houses many shops, restaurants, and cafes, along with some high-end design and furniture shops.

A recent addition to Puerto Vallarta’s dining and shopping scene is the Plaza Peninsula, facing a waterfront condominium development bearing the same name. Another retail addition is the Centro Comerical Galerias Vallarta, a huge entertainment and shopping mall anchored by up-scale Liverpool. It houses various boutiques and shops that include Bennetton, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, and Levis, among many others. Sirloin Stokade, Applebee’s, and Chili’s are among the best selections for dining.

There are major department stores in the city where you can buy clothing, get your groceries, and just about everything. They include Gigante in Plaza Caracol, Comercial Mexicana in Plaza Marina and Plaza Genovesa, and Rizo’s, Leys, and Lans in Centro.