Gay Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is largely a conservative city, with traditional customs and religious Catholics. Because of this, displays of homosexual affinity are uncommon in many public places. In fact, many men in Mexico still consider homosexuality disgusting, especially in areas outside of resort places or in rural areas. Nevertheless, the city is now more tolerant than it used to, and experiencing gay Puerto Vallarta is something that you should not miss.

In general, locals respect the gay and lesbian community. Once you are in the city, you should not experience any harassment. Just make sure you give due respect to local traditions and customs. Visitors, gay and straight alike, who do not respect Puerto Vallarta’s culture will certainly get some pestering.

With beautiful beaches, ocean bay, lush tropical jungles and mountains as the setting, the city is devoted to serving gay travelers. Puerto Vallarta now has more than a dozen hotels, bed and breakfasts, and guesthouses that cater to the gay community. There are also numerous gay and gay-friendly bars and clubs. Not to mention a world-renowned gay beach and nice gay trips on boats. The gay scene in the city runs the gamut, from A-list couples and gay beach bums.

The cosmopolitan mix of Puerto Vallarta – young and old, European, American, or Asian – makes it an exciting place to experience. In case you are worried that you will not meet some gorgeous Mexicans, take heart. There are many gay people from the city and from other the cities within the country (most especially Guadalajara) who also come here to have fun.