If an exhilarating nightlife scene is really important to your perfect holiday, then Puerto Vallarta is without a doubt the place to be. The fun in the city starts around 11 in the evening, after sampling the delectable cuisine for dinner. Piano bars, sports bars, live music clubs, and dance clubs become alive at night, offering locals and tourists many options to have fun.

Every traveler’s first stop in experiencing the Puerto Vallarta nightlife remains the famous beachfront boardwalk, the Malecon. Being the heart of the nightlife, this is where all the great actions happen. Its festive and vibrant atmosphere lures young and old people alike and locals as well as tourists to have fun.

You can find the best restaurants, bars, and clubs on the Malecón. Carlos O’Brian’s, Zoo, Christine, De Santos, and Collage are only some of the most popular nightlife venues in the Malecon area. Carlos O’Brian’s is a restaurant that transforms into a lively disco at night. Zoo is a dancing club where party animals enjoy the newest techno, house, dance, and reggae music. Christine is a stylish club well-known for its crowd-pleaser playlist and avant garde light shows. De Santos is a nice restaurant that transforms into a fashionable minimalist lounge in the evening. Collage is a group of clubs that share a huge dance floor. It is known for its Foam Party Tuesdays.