Puerto Vallarta is an exciting place. There is so much things to do and sights to see that there is never a dull moment in this Mexican city. It is home to colorful festivals and fascinating events that fill its calendar year. This means that there is always something fun happening in the city.

Like the rest of Mexico, festivities in Puerto Vallarta begin with New Year’s Day and then by the Day of the Kings. In February, locals commemorate the Constitution Day (February 5), Valentine’s Day, the Mexican Flag Day, and the National Charro Tournament. This is also the month of the International Yacht Race.

In March, locals celebrate the vivacious and famous Carnaval (first Tuesday of the month). They also celebrate Ash Wednesday, Saint Patrick’s Day (March 17), as well as Benito Juarez Day (March 21). In April, they observe the Holy Week Celebration; it is also the spring break for most schools. The revelry continues onto May, where people observe Labor Day, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, and the Cultural Festival of May. The festivities continue onto the months of June to August as the city welcomes the arrival of the hot summer season.

Cultural pride and nationalism become more apparent in Puerto Vallarta during September as it is the month when Mexicans commemorate their independence. In October, many programs are staged to pay tribute to the United Nations Day. Halloween, which signals the beginning of autumn, is also an exciting festivity in the city.

Festivities in Puerto Vallarta reach their peak as the year closes. Dia de Todos Santos, Dia de los Muertos, the International Gourmet Festival, the Festival of the Arts, the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, the International Film Festival, Thanksgiving Day, and the International Sailfish Tournament all happen in November. Lastly, the Festival of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Guadalupe Processions, the city’s founding anniversary, and the Christmas holidays in the merry month of December are a great ending to another amazing year in this paradise.